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Quail Hollow

Quail Hollow is a landscape of rolling meadows, marshes, pine and deciduous woods surrounding a 40-room manor. Scenic woodland trails, gardens and the house offer a variety of natural and cultural experiences for visitors.

Natural Features

The rolling fields, stately woodlands and moist wetlands of Quail Hollow are evidence of the effects of glaciation which occurred over 12,000 years ago. Glaciers have had a profound effect on the drainage system, topography and soil/mineral composition of the area. Natural lakes are a feature of the glaciated landscape. These bodies of water were formed when large pieces of ice broke off the glacier and melted in depressions forming these kettle lakes. Most are small, old and more properly classified as bogs or marshes. Nearby Congress Lake is one of Ohio’s natural lakes.

What was once farmland has been gradually reclaimed by nature. As a result Quail Hollow’s habitat diversity allows for an abundance of plant and wildlife populations. A tallgrass prairie supports blazing star, prairie dock, sneezeweed and other prairie plants. The woodland swamp is home to spring peepers, chorus and wood frogs while the deciduous and coniferous forests provide shelter for the red fox, raccoon, white-tailed deer and wild turkey.